Inventrix Software and Services

All our innovations are driven by our customers needs. With a background of a rapidly evolving, hi-tech driven industry, we want to be there every step of the way, to ensure relationships are strengthened through the use of advanced technology and improved communication. We supply and support our software in the UK and Eire through a sales and distribution company called Labtrac Solutions.

Labtrac Enterprise

Dynamic Scheduling and Production Control

  • Case Tracking
  • DAMAS Compliance
  • Internal Emails based on Event Triggers & Case Warnings
  • HTML Emails sent to clients with Daily Activity
  • Patient History
  • Financial Software Integration
  • FedEx and UPS Integration

Touchscreen Universal
Prioritized Technician “To-Do List” at Their Fingertips

  • iPad, iPhone, Android, Surface, Safari, Explorer
  • Technician Productivity
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Pre-allocation Based on Skills and Doctor Preferences
  • Prioritization of Work for Each Technician
  • Real-Time Case Tracking
  • Time and Attendance plus Payroll

Labtrac Connect
Cloud Based Data Center For You and Your Doctors to Share

  • Live Case Status
  • Digital File and Document Management
  • Online Case Entry
  • Instant Messaging
  • Laboratory Website Application
  • Pick-Up Management
  • Share Documents and Document Notes

Alloy Inventory
Compliance and Reduced Losses

  • Full Lot Number Traceability
  • Alloy Usage Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Alloy Values and WeighScale Integration
  • Full Casting History by Technician and Case


We pride ourselves in our customer service. Everything we do is personal, so naturally our support is as well.

Communication is the key to success to any partnership, and we are always a quick phone call or email away.


Client Testimonials

“Inventrix and their software has been a game-changer for Aurum. It provides real-time transparency into our daily and weekly workflow, thereby allowing us to optimize our scheduling and case management to provide our customers with predictable and reliable delivery and results.

It is a powerful tool for prioritizing and creating accountability. Thank you to the Inventrix team!”
Mark Maier, VP Business Development
The Aurum Group