About Inventrix

We increase the production and profitability of your laboratory, through advanced software and services.

Our Company

Inventrix was founded in 1994 with the desire of creating an innovative and respected dental laboratory management system. Our solutions have evolved throughout the years to include more than just dental laboratory management and now encompass a wide range of software solutions that improve overall communication between laboratories and their dental offices. Inventrix designs, creates, and supports software for the dental laboratory industry. Our products are installed and supported in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Inventrix has been providing software solutions for over 19 years, with a collective knowledge base within our existing staff of over 60 years experience in the dental laboratory industry.

We continually invest in technology that will revolutionize what our customers can do, but we make an even greater investment in our human capital.

Simply put, our warm, friendly, and highly skilled development and support staff provide a level of service that technology on it’s own can never duplicate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most innovative and highly respected supplier of quality software to the dental laboratory industry.

Innovation and problem solving is at the heart of everything we do.


Client Testimonials

“I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Inventrix as a company and a team. They have guided us and helped us every step of the way
so we can benefit from all the superior features their product has to offer with professionalism and friendship. As a product, Labtrac has helped our laboratories become a higher producing and more efficient operation. From a management standpoint it has saved my life.”
Danel Burdo, Business Manager
Jason J. Kim Oral Design NY Center

“Inventrix has been a truly first-class operation from day one! Unlike the competition, they understand the importance of customer service and being on the forefront of the changing needs of our industry. They LISTEN and REACT! Most importantly, the auto-scheduling and technician allocation features of Labtrac Enterprise have changed the way we operate our business. We have improved our production and efficiency, tremendously as a direct result of using Labtrac! I knew this company was what I was looking for when the owner flew out to my lab himself to show me his product! Don't get much better than that for a demo."
Daxton Grubb, President
R-dent Dental Laboratory

“It is very nice to be working with a company that is open to new ideas in making their product and business better for everyone, as well as going that extra step to provide peace of mind to new customers.  I wish to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to you and all the staff at inventrix.”
Cliff Campbell, Owner
Complete Dental Ceramics