All our innovations are driven by our customers needs. With a background of a rapidly evolving, hi-tech driven industry, we want to be there every step of the way, to ensure relationships are strengthened through the use of advanced technology and improved communication.
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Labtrac Enterprise

Dynamic Scheduling and Production Control

  • Resource management for both people and machines.
  • Monitor late & overdue cases real-time.
  • Increase profitability, efficiency & quality with higher on-time deliveries and lower internal and external remakes.
  • Real-time department production dashboards.
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Labtrac Connect

connect your labtrac enterprise to in-house and partner software systems using our advanced cloud technology. some of the integrations Labtrac has available are shown below.

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Labtrac Touchscreen

Prioritized Technician “To-Do List” at Their Fingertips

  • A truly portable, touch-based system, for your technicians to record their work.
  • Time Attendance data for payroll.
  • Piece pay integration.
  • Technician productivity by unit and time.
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Inventory Management

Compliance and Reduced Losses