Dental Laboratory Software

All our innovations are driven by our customers needs. With a background of a rapidly evolving, hi-tech driven industry, we want to be there every step of the way to ensure that your relationships are strengthened through the use of advanced technology and improved communication.

Our laboratory management solutions have been 17 years in the making, developed through an in depth knowledge and understanding of the Dental Laboratory industry.
Our software solutions are continually evolving as our customers needs change and develop, and we don’t plan on that stopping, ever!

Client Testimonials

“Inventrix is a leading and progressive solution for dental laboratories looking to improve production management and organizational efficiencies. While working with their team, you will gain a true sense of understanding and emphasis on the importance of customer service and being at the forefront of the dental laboratory industry. Labtrac has helped our laboratory become a higher producing and more efficient operation. Through open communication, ongoing support and the willingness to discuss new ideas; we have been able to improve our client case information, marketing, and sales efficiency as a direct result of using Labtrac."

Thomas Taylor, Marketing Director
Albensi Laboratories